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Thursday, April 21, 2011

When options really aren't options

The other day, I was talking with a close friend about, what else? VBACing.  Said friend has also had 2 cesareans--her last baby was a planned VBAC attempt, but had to be delivered via cesarean at the last minute.  She lives in a notoriously VBAC unfriendly state, and now with 2 c/s, she really only has two options--homebirth or repeat cesarean.  But how much of a choice is this really? This friend's husband feels more comfortable in a hospital.  And, while she would like to try to have a natural birth, she would also like to have the option to have pain relief should she feel she need it.  But because of where she lives, she doesn't have that choice.  Her only choices are to birth at home--without access to pain relief and with a partner who is not comfortable with the setting, or to consent to a repeat cesarean--she is educated on birth and knows this option is not without its risks as well.  This hardly seems like a fair choice to me.

I would go on about this, but B actually (once again) climbed into my brain and blogged my thoughts exactly, so here's her post on it.

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