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Monday, April 11, 2011

No Pressure

Growing up with a father who was a doctor, I've always had a healthy respect for medicine and its ability to  heal.  In fact, up until E's pregnancy, anytime I would get a feeling, I would reach for a pharmaceutical drug. Cue B, who can pretty much take any ailment you have, find an herbal remedy for it in her expansive knowledge of holistic medicine, and cure you all naturally.  This is great for my pressures, since I can't be on drugs (like the Labetalol I took while pregnant with A) and be a candidate for a home birth.

I mentioned in an earlier post that my pressures since having E have been a little bit concerning--not high all of the time, but I would get high readings occasionally.  I mentioned this to B and she suggested adding a cayenne supplement into my diet.  So now, I am taking one cayenne pill along with one garlic pill twice daily.  Besides today (which put my new positive attitude to the test), my readings have gone back down to 120s/80s range consistently.  And, based on E's ravenous hunger, my milk hasn't been affected in the least. I still need to lose those 15 pounds, and since I have yet to conquer that sweet tooth, it looks like I will be upping my exercise regimen to accomplish this.  I hope to be down to an acceptable weight no later than 7 months PP and I wouldn't complain if I got there earlier....maybe if I make our weekly trip to Sugar Mama's a monthly one?

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