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Sunday, April 10, 2011


I have come to accept the loss of my BBT as permanent.  While I am still in mourning at its passing, and distraught that its remains have not yet been discovered, I went ahead and ordered another one.  Of course, same brand and look.  Yes, I know I can't "replace" my first one, but I'm doing my darndest.  I also ordered a million (ok, 150) OPKs from Amazon.  I really really love peeing on sticks and with breastfeeding, I just don't want to rely on temping alone just yet.  I am also trying to learn how to check my own cervix.  This is strange because I kind of have no idea what I'm feeling for or how to describe the feel/position/whatever you need to in order to put it on your chart, but I hope through practice, and with my copy of "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by my side, I can become skilled in no time.

Why do I even care about all this with my 6 month vow of celibacy, you ask?  Well, ask K & B, who told me I had to start having sex again. Harumph! But, part of my resolutions with regards to T's pregnancy and birth, has been to always take the advice of my midwives (more on this later....mainly, this came to me when I was thinking back on E's birth and how I thought B was absolutely insane when she was telling me to rock my hips during labor).  So, it's back to marital relations and mini-panics on my part about getting pregnant too soon.

Right now, I am using Vaginal Contraceptive Film and spermicide together, although I am not exactly a super fan.  It seems to leave me a little itchy and (TMI, but really what else is this blog?) it makes it a lot messier to clean up.  Yeah, gross.  But I am not doing hormones again and even looking at a box of condoms gives me a yeast infection, so looks like this will be it for us for the time being.


  1. I used the Creighton Method to get pregnant with my 2nd daughter. It doesn't involve feeling your own cervix, but you do check cervical mucous. Weirdly fascinating!

  2. What is the Creighton method, Margaret? Is it good for prevention too? I tried to do CM checking too, but I can't really tell the difference as well as I need to in order to be totally safe.

  3. Your midwives can totally teach you to find your cervix. And, since I haven't said it today, I love you. And hopefully this doesn't sound weird to all your fans, but-yay! you're having sex! now I will go work on my sex blog post...

  4. That will be the best midwife appointment ever. I love you too :) And I'm working on the "yay" part to having sex :) I am convinced E did something to my sex drive while he was in there