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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mind Tapped

I'm pretty sure B crawled into my brain, picked through my thoughts and then wrote a love letter to my soul.  She is back to blogging (yay!) and the past couple days, she has been writing about "VBAC and the art of letting go." 

Remember that little list of things I made of what I need to get or do before our next pregnancy & birth?  The list that included chiropractic care, Mayan abdominal massage, etc?  Note B's first post on VBAC....yes, she recommends these things, but they aren't necessary for a woman to achieve a VBAC.  I got regular chiropractic care with E, but I still had a cesarean, so I know for a fact that chiropractic careVBAC.

I also love that she recommends getting OK with having another cesarean.  I really struggled with this throughout my pregnancy with E, and I really believe it held up my labor.  As soon as I had my little mini-meltdown about my long labor, the possibility of a transfer and another cesarean, and never wanting to have another baby if I had another cesarean, my body ramped it up and got into serious birthing mode.  I really needed to confront that tiger (get it?) before I could work to birth my baby.  And confronting that fear, and in fact realizing it with another cesarean delivery, was exactly what I needed to do.  E's birth opened my eyes to a world of caring doctors and compassionate hospital staff--ones who really validated my feelings, realized how important my birthing experience was and respected me.  Everytime I think of E's birth, I think of all the blessings that came out of it and I'm filled with love all over again.

Having said all this, I will be adding something to this list and that is a new mattress.  YES, I absolutely do need a new mattress before my next birth.  And just in case you were ever considering purchasing a mattress online, don't.  

Yes, I realize my font is funky.  I made that silly not equal sign in Word and it totally messed up the rest of the post.  I have no idea how to fix it, so I've decided it gives my blog character. 

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