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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Birthday Parties and Birth Stories go hand in hand

Just when I thought today would be my first day without a post since I started this blog, I went to a very sweet girl's first birthday party and got birthy with a few moms there.  So exciting.  Seriously, if you get me talking about vaginas, uteruses (uteri?), births, there is no stopping me. Mom of the birthday girl is pregnant with her second, as is her sister. Sister and I got to talking about birth--she is a first time mom planning a birth center birth.  Love that!! We got to gossiping about Ina May, rectal pressure (seriously, I have got to let that go!), big babies, birthing stools and on and on.  I loved it.  I also loved that when we talked about E being a c/s, there was none of the usual follow up commentary.  Both Mom of the birthday girl and Sister were so so so awesome about it, just asking what happened without judgment, and not even a shocked look passed when I mentioned planning another home birth with T.  

Today almost makes up for my accidental discovery of Dr. Amy late last night (DO NOT GOOGLE THAT NAME!).  My bubble of peace got a tiny little nick in it, but today was the start of me getting it patched up.

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