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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's Christmas!!!!

At least it sure felt like it when I opened my mailbox and found 100 of these bad boys in the box (the other 50 were ordered from a different Amazon seller and will be here later in the week presumably).  I seriously considered popping a squat right then and there.  It has been almost a year since I've peed on anything and, for me, that is far too long.  I am on CD 23 of a who knows how long cycle, but I'm guessing I am either a) way past O or b) way far from O so I'm not expecting a positive or near positive result, but I do plan on testing daily, especially since I still don't have my BBT.  My poor, sad little chart has 3 temps on it....I keep looking back at the chart for the month we conceived E, sighing and stroking the computer screen (kidding, but not really).

One thing I love about these tests is they came in a super, super low budget package.  I'm talking like a ghetto ziploc and a manila envelope, which I know keeps their operating costs down, which in turn keeps the cost to me down, so I can keep buying hundreds of these.  I really appreciate that.


  1. Love this post! I am a pee-on-a-stick addict! I still have lots of OPK's from trying to conceive this little guy! I hope they don't expire and I can use them again after baby! If not for conceiving, at least for preventing it. Yeah right. Even you know me better than that! WHy would I ever want to prevent a baby from growing in my womb??? :P Where do you order yours from?

  2. Monica, HA! I know what you mean about preventing. Then again, I get a little sad every time I get my period and I think about the egg that will never be LOL I got these from Amazon. I think I only paid $15 for the 100. They also sell packages that come with pregnancy tests....can't wait to use those next year! ;)