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Friday, April 1, 2011

ICAN Meeting Tomorrow!

I'm so very excited for our monthly ICAN Meeting!!!  For anyone reading this in the Austin area, please join us at the Carver Library at 10:30 AM tomorrow, Saturday, April 2.  This week we are discussing questions to ask your care provider.  This topic is so very important because making sure you have the right support is crucial not only for VBAC, but really any pregnancy.

And I feel like I should make it clear to anyone who attends our meetings that I will never, ever divulge anything said in confidence about anyone else's birth or feelings surrounding their births or future pregnancies on this blog.  Any discussion of what is said at our ICAN meetings will only involve generalities and my reflections on the topic discussed.

If you aren't already connected to the ICAN in your area, get involved! Even if you can't make monthly meetings, ICAN has wonderful information, resources and forums full of support as you continue on your own personal journey.


  1. Have a great meeting! Remind everyone that there are doulas for every mama!!!

  2. Yes, love me some doulas!!! :)