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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Comment for J on the last post...

For some reason, I can't comment back to you, J, on the last post, so I'm just going to post it here as an entry :)

J, I am one of those people who think the best place to birth (especially VBAC) is wherever you feel most comfortable. I know HBAC (or even home birth with no previous cesareans) isn't for everyone. I just know for me that if I were to plan a VBAC in Austin, HB is now really my only option, and it was the best option for my first VBAC attempt as well (going post dates, having a larger baby, no labor after water breaking, etc). I think a lot depends on your own previous experiences too.   I might be more inclined to be in a hospital if my first birth were like yours---I can't even imagine how difficult that was for you! Being relaxed is so very important. I think sometimes there gets to be a lot of downing of hospital birth because some people haven't had pleasant experiences. But then there are so many women, like you, who have had great hospital births. And I know I could have a fabulous one too-- -especially if I traveled to Denton to birth with the famous Dr. C :)

I think my only concerns with planning a HB this time are the pain relief thing--deciding I need an epidural and being frightened to transfer and being pressured into a RCS or in the unlikely event of an emergent transport having to go to the hospital in which A was delivered. That would be a nightmare.

And I should note that I actually talked with B a little today about options for next time and she mentioned a couple: 1) Laboring at home until 8 cm or so and transferring to hospital and declining a section.  This is viable, but I feel like if I get all the way to 8, I don't want to be riding in a car and, plus, there wouldn't really be time for an epidural, which would be the only real reason I would want to go to the hospital barring an emergency. But this might make Jason more comfortable. 2) We drive to Denton at the first sign of labor, get a hotel and then deliver with the famous Dr. C. I like that this is an option, but I like the first one better.  

But the one I like the most of all is the one in which I push my baby out at home.  
Note to self: cannotsayuterustearingcannotsayuterustearingcannotsayuterustearing

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