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Friday, April 22, 2011

Freelance Friday

  • I have a Mayan abdominal massage scheduled for Sunday afternoon at 1PM.  I got the recommendation from B's website. I'm really excited, and even though it was a lot up front--$165 for a 2 hour session and *maybe* an additional $20 or so for supplies (castor oil and herbal massage oil)-- I know it will be worth it during my next labor (and probably even before).  Plus, the MT is going to teach me how to do it myself at home, so it really isn't that much all things considered
  • Is it weird that I can't bring myself to throw away the panties that are stained with amniotic fluid from my birthing time?  Not only can I not throw them away, I still wear them.  And they may or may not be some of my favorite pair of panties--raggedy, granny and amniotic fluid stained.  I think it's the same reason I can't change my winter themed sheets.  Every time I look at them, I'm reminded of E's birth and that is so so so special to me.  I haven't worn the shirt he was born in since his birth (which was a super old college T-shirt of my dad's, which is awesome in and of itself) and I probably won't....not sure why. Maybe it's because everyone can see a shirt I'm wearing, so it would be more public, but my panties and my sheets are not regularly (just kidding! ...about the "regularly" part) exposed? And you all know how private I am.  Not like I would keep a blog where I talk about the most intimate, personal details of my life.  Oh wait.....
  • I started reading Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent.  I'm pretty sure it has already changed my life and I am only on part 2
  • I have been reading up on a lot of dietary considerations for growing a smaller baby and I am now in a very confused place. I am very conscientious about my protein intake--I especially was during E's pregnancy.  I didn't follow the Brewer diet to a T, but I was salting my food and trying to get 80-100g of protein a day.  I really attribute this to helping me keep my BP in check. But I've read in a few places now that the Brewer diet (or other really high protein diets) lead to enormous babies.  I did grow a 10 and a half pounder, so there's that.  I am also a vegetarian, so my main sources of protein come from beans, soy products (I don't buy into the whole anti-soy arguments as a general FYI), brown rice, etc.  I can't imagine what kind of linebacker babes I would grow if I ate's kind of scary.  I don't want to limit protein intake next time and have my blood pressure skyrocket (or, you know, not grow a healthy baby because protein is important to a pregnant woman and her developing baby), but again, I really, really don't want a large baby.  Good thing I have time to wrestle with this one
  • This week, I "hired" the official Tweeter/documentarian for my next birth.  She is also a client of K and B and we are like peas in a pod.  It is very rare for me to click with people right off the bat--wait, let me rephrase that.  I do click with people right off the bat, but inevitably, it turns into a situation where I realize I am not compatible with them and then it's a whole awkward mess.  I met J and we hit it right off and I can tell we are just birthy friend, and friendy friend, soul mates.  She's funny a la me (wink wink), totally not birth judgy, and just really supportive and kind.  I really hope she will be able to come to my birth.  We also have both been toying with the idea of becoming childbirth educators, so that is another thing we have in common.  She'll have to observe a birth or two anyway to get her certification and I think it would rock major socks if mine were one that counted towards her certification.  Then, we can go into the CBE business together and trot happily off into the sunset, eating rainbows and pooping butterflies


  1. I'd do it if you need someone in a pinch. Seriously, I've learned so much from you. I'm so busy at work it's hard to get the time but I can just look at your status' and blog. I'm hardcore on my diet & exercise. Diet ive got down but I need to kick it up as notch more than just taking Remy for a walk My goal is 50-60 bc I estimate you can gain that much and Luke I've said if I gained that much right now it'd be dangerous. And I gotta ve as healthy as possible if I ever wanna homebirth, yes you've almost got me there :)

  2. Jessica, that's awesome!!! :) As far as the weight loss goals, let's get together and walk Town Lake together some time. I usually do my treadmill or a DVD, but it would be nice to get out and do some "free range" exercise :) I want to lose about 15 more pounds (at least, I am definitely open to more ;) and I would love to do it in the next few months.

    If you are concerned about weight gain, know that a lot of larger women don't gain as much. With Aydin, I only gained about 21. I was about 35 pounds lighter to begin Emre's pregnancy and gained 40. I hope to start around the same weight next time, but gain less, if possible (and part of that is because I don't want to grow a large baby). However, I wouldn't focus too much on weight as much as general health. For me, I have to worry about my weight because when I don't, my blood pressure goes crazy. But there are plenty of larger women who have great blood pressure, no signs of diabetes, etc....they are just larger. That is not to say it isn't a good idea to lose weight, if that's what you want--certainly, being in good physical shape, exercising, etc are all important in a healthy pregnancy. I just think it would be a good idea to maybe get a physical or go for some preconception counseling with a midwife. You don't have to be anywhere near getting pregnant to do either. With the preconception counseling, if the midwife you select thinks it is advisable to lose weight or do something else to improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy and delivery, you can have some time to focus on that before getting pregnant and then (hopefully) not have to worry about that during your pregnancy. Even if you decide not to home birth for whatever reason, you can still do this--and maybe you will bond with a midwife and use her as a doula or monitrice :) All that to say, I am a super fan of preconception counseling, basically. I may even get some before my next pregnancy, no joke LOL

    You might find this site (and her blog) very interesting. This is a plus size mama who had 2 cesareans and (I believe) 2 HBA2Cs after that. Anyway, here is a link. It's pretty fabulous: