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Thursday, May 26, 2011


So, I thought I would log here the various supplements I'm taking just in case anyone who is reading struggles with the same issues I do.  So if you're a nervous Nelly who tends to have a higher baseline blood pressure and also deals with varicose veins, some of these might help.

Cayenne (pill)
Garlic (pill)
One dropper of nerve tonic with Cherry Plum and Aspen flower essences
White Oak Bark (liquid tincture)
Butcher's Broom (liquid tincture)

Nerve tonic

Nerve tonic
White Oak Bark
Butcher's Broom

I may tweak some of these when I get pregnant again.  For example. my BP was really great without any supplementation up until the last couple weeks when we had to introduce some tinctures, so if it is the same way, I may eliminate the cayenne and garlic.  Plus, I imagine the cayenne would give me a heck of a lot of heartburn, which I have dealt with in both pregnancies.   Ick! I may also increase the Butcher's Broom and White Oak Bark (for varicosities) to three times a day.  I will probably also add some Floradix in there too just to be sure I am good on iron, especially since I'm a vegetarian.

And I may OD on nerve tonic.

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  1. I feel like a slacker, I'm not taking anything, except prenatals. I need to hit up Whole Foods & pick up some flower essences. That's supposed to help with the nerves, right?