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Monday, May 2, 2011

Auntie Flo, was that you?

I'm beginning to have serious doubts that the couple days of bleeding I had starting on March 22 was, in fact, the return of my period.  I am now on like CD 1203983187243 with no bleeding since the 22nd.  Granted, I suck at temping.  It is so hard to be motivated to wake at 6:30 AM when your baby lets you sleep (also, having a baby this easy does not help stave off the desire to have eleventy hundred awesome kids just like him and his big brother).

I have no idea what to expect as far as cycle length when breastfeeding.  I have gone through periods of time where, based on my mood, I expected my period to show any day, but nada!! This is such a cruel and unusual tease.  I am sticking to my (renewed) vow of abstinence until 6 months PP, so there is definitely no risk of pregnancy and I randomly take my OPKs and haven't caught an O(vulation) at all, so I figured I was on the other side of O.  But, maybe not?  I am just learning to check my cervix....I know for sure I have found it, but I am not nearly skilled enough to interpret any fertility signs by feel.  How much do you think K and B would charge me for weekly cervical exams? I could go in on prenatal day---except they would be like preprepreprenatals for me.

So is this normal? Can I have had a period back in March and just be having a super long cycle? Maybe the bleeding was anovulatory?  Or maybe it was residual lochia?  That was almost 3 months PP and I had long since stopped having bleeding after the birth, so that is why I assumed it was my period.

As an aside, I just finished Baby Catcher (loved it! can't wait to blog it!!) and started up Birth Matters in the past couple days.  There is this awesome quote in Birth Matters that I want to share here and now:

"It's actually quite gratifying to observe a woman with an MD, a JD, or a PhD hunker down and find her natural woman and realize she knows how to give birth as well as any orangutan on the planet.  It's awesome."

Damn, Ina, tell it!


  1. My first post-partum cycle was 53 days long. I've seen Others that were longer. Breastfeeding does strange things to your cycles.

  2. Laura, that's good to know! I just really got into observing fertility signs as we were TTC E, and I would say I'm only intermediate level with it. I have noticed some fertile looking mucus a couple times this cycle, including as recently as this week, so maybe I haven't Od yet? I guess I won't know for awhile yet....maybe :)