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Saturday, May 7, 2011

ICAN meeting

Today's topic was supposed to be how to prevent a cesarean, which we spent a little time discussing, but we also talked a lot about individual experiences with our cesarean births, pain management during labor, choices of where to give birth, breech babies, etc.  Come to think of it, all of these kind of tie into preventing a cesarean, since decisions regarding these things can influence whether or not you end up with a cesarean.

K was there this week, too, and it looks like she might start coming to meetings more often, which would make me so happy. I need my fix of her on a regular basis, not just when I'm pregnant.  A mama we met at the walk on Thursday also came.  I had overheard her talking with a doula about her first birth, which was a cesarean, and since I can hear that word from a mile away, I injected myself into the conversation and asked her if she knew about ICAN.  She didn't, so B and I talked with her a little about it and told her about the meeting today.  I think she really enjoyed it and I expect she will come back.

These meetings are like manna from heaven to me--I love them so much. The two hours just fly by and even though A was a little bit of a handful during this month's meeting, I really enjoyed it.  Next time, I'm just leaving the play tunnel at home.  And maybe A too. Just kidding, K won't let me do that.  I got some ICAN brochures and business cards and I am going to keep those in my diaper bag so I can have them to give out if a situation comes up like it did at the walk when I meet a c/s mom who would be interested in the group.

On a side, but sort of related note, I really want my period to come.  Yet again, I'm dealing with hypersensitivity, a little bit of the sads, and general grouchiness.  It started towards the end of the meeting and got worse when I came home and found J trying to wash comforters in the washing machine.  That's right--queen sized comforters in a standard sized washer. I'm a little more tired than usual today and have the same symptoms I usually get right before AF, but this has happened before, so I'm not getting my hopes up.  I'm just going to go drown myself in the flower essence K and B recommended to me when my attitude was less than stellar during my pregnancy with E and hope for the best.

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