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Thursday, May 5, 2011

International Day of the Midwife

Today was International Day of the Midwife and here in Austin, a group of us got together to walk around Town Lake with signs and spread the word about midwives, while trying to highlight the role midwives can play in improving maternal outcomes.  We had so much fun! I used the new RunKeeper app on my new iPhone (Tata Sprint, hello Verizon!!) and tracked most of the walk, so by the time we were finished, I realized I had gotten today's workout in.  I got to spend time with B and her amazing kids, which is always a delight.  I also got to see J, who I adore.  She was my PP doula with A, an apprentice midwife with E, and I kind of think it would be cool if she attended my birth with T.  I can't believe she has been a part of both my kids' lives from so early on.  I absolutely love her and know she is going to make a wonderful midwife.  In the meantime, anyone reading this in the Austin/San Antonio/Wimberley/etc etc (contact her for the etc :) area who is looking for the queen of all the doulas, she is it! I can't say enough wonderful things about her.

After the walk, I went to lunch with B and her two kids at this local 100% vegetarian restaurant.  Me and B chatted, E tried to nurse her, you know, same old, same old.  I love that I am getting to spend so much time bonding with my midwives before our next pregnancy.  I was bonded to them before E's birth, but now it's getting to be like super glue.  Which is kind of a good thing, because you really want someone who knows and loves you by your side when you are going through something as intense as an HBA2C.

Anyway, overall a great day...workout done early, kids napping, and I get to blog and shop for herbal remedies for my varicosities in silence.  Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!!

Me, E, A and B's son S

A & S (and me displaying my new love of photoshop on the iPhone)

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