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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Committed to Temping

I have decided to recommit to temping. My chart is such a sad sack of underinformation and it is really starting to bother me.  Whenever I open up my chart link, directly under the one for this (never ending) cycle is the chart from the month I got pregnant with E.  It is so pretty and full of temps, including temps that are connected by a green line after my BFP. Swoon. I can't wait to have a chart like that again!  So I've set a daily alarm clock for 6:30 AM and I am going to temp then (or a little earlier if E wakes up before then and I have had at least 3 hours of sleep), no questions asked.  Despite the fact that I resolved to do this yesterday, and my alarm went off at 6:30 this morning and I did not, in fact, temp, I will be doing it from now on.  I think I get a pass on today since it's Mother's Day anyway.

I really liked knowing my exact guess date (contradiction much?), even though I went postdates, with E.  I would like to get only one u/s next time, if at all possible, so I would like to avoid even an early dating one. Plus, it's kind of cool being so connected with your body that you know when your baby's guess date will be without technological interventions. So, tonight, as I struggle with the insomnia that seems to have set in for no good reason at all, I will promise myself that I will take the 5 seconds it takes to roll over and stick the thermometer in the vag as soon as my alarm goes off.

Another resolution I have made (that I don't necessarily want to devote an entire post to) is to start telling people straight away when they say or do something that I find offensive or irritating.  I often find myself in a situation in which something happens that I don't like or appreciate--particularly regarding people correcting my kids or being rude to them--and I don't say anything because a) I am so taken aback at the audacity of some people and b) I am generally not confrontational, unless pushed to my limit (and my limit with regards to things affecting my kids is pretty low, I will admit). But it's gotten to that point that I know I am going to have to speak up because when I don't, it just keeps niggling at me and I kick myself for days afterwards for not saying something. That is no bueno for my new positive attitude.  So, from now on, if someone--especially those that don't know or care about my kid--correct him or do something rude, I am going to speak up immediately.
Sheesh.  I wish more people had good home training so I wouldn't have to be put in this awkward situation.

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