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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sex drive, is that you?

I can't believe it. After almost a year in hiding, it appears my sex drive is trying to make a comeback.  I felt an almost forgotten tingling in my nether regions last night.  At first, I thought maybe I had pulled a groin muscle or was maybe having a muscle spasm or something, but then I realized it know.  That.  I was beginning to wonder if my thyroid (is this what controls libido?!) went completely haywire at some point after conceiving E, but it appears it is back on the mend.  Whoo hoo!!!

I am not telling J about this recent development until 6 months when I will remove my figurative chastity belt and go buck wild (with my VCF and spermicide, of course...unless I can find something better in the meantime). Serves him right for not reading my blog.

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