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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Butcher's Broom and White Oak Bark

Remember those varicosities I mentioned here?  Well, B has suggested a preventative treatment regime of Butcher's Broom and White Oak Bark, so about a week ago I ordered some off Amazon.  I knew I would have to order the White Oak Bark offline because B told me that she couldn't find any locally, but I thought I would be able to find the Butcher's Broom.  I did--but it was in capsule form, and B told me the liquid tincture would be better if I could swing it, so I just ordered both offline.

I have to admit, I'm a little scared to try them, mainly because I'm scared the taste will trigger my gag (read: vomit) reflex much like the Passionflower tincture I took in my last tri with E did.  In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that B advised me to get the capsules of Passionflower, but I couldn't find it, so I just got the liquid.  Never again. If I have to walk to the ends of the Earth to find it in capsules, I will.  The only way I could choke it down was in a mixture with OJ and a couple of my other tinctures, holding my breath, trying not to breathe and just guzzling it.  I am really going to be trying to limit my juice intake with T, so I would rather not get in the habit of taking these tinctures with juice if I can help it.

So, anyway, I will be starting this in the near future, as soon as I work up the courage to slip them in my water.  Much like my next birth, I think my biggest challenge here will be overcoming myself and my own fears (in this case, of it tasting disgusting) and just doing it.


  1. Could you drink it in tea, or would that mess with the properties? And forgive me for saying this, but it cannot taste worse than that antacid stuff they make you drink before a c-section. That was horrible!

  2. Good idea, Catherine! I never thought of that!!! I'm not a huge tea drinker, but I have some nettle leaf that I could brew--I heard it's good for allergies too (I think) so that would be great for me!

    I forgot all about that antacid stuff! Yet another great thing about E's birth--not having to drink that stuff! :) What made the tinctures doubly yucky was having to take them twice a day every day. I would almost rather do the one antacid shot...but then again, the taste of it is a distant, almost three year old memory, so I may have blocked out its true horror

  3. I'm glad I never had to drink antacid crap before my c-sections! Sounds yucky!

  4. Christine, how did you get out of it?!? They just never mentioned it? It is definitely not tasty, so you are very lucky!