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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Right on Target

Today as I was checking out at Target, a mom asked me what kind of wrap I had and where I got it.  She was looking for something more lightweight for summer.  You know where this is going, right?  Of course, we started talking about our births and turns out, she was a cesarean mom too.  I just love when the Universe brings me into contact with all these lovely women. I asked her if she had heard of ICAN and we talked briefly about the group and our monthly meetings.  I gave her the ICAN brochures and business cards I keep stocked in my diaper bag for occasions just like this as well as K's business card and brochure.  Call me biased, but I just don't think a VBAC mom can do better than my girls, so I always pass on their info (to everyone, but most especially VBAC moms).  It is also a good way to introduce the idea of HBAC to moms who may not otherwise be aware that it is an option.  I can tell this mom was receptive and interested in learning more about our group and coming to monthly meetings--I hope to see her in June!  She is also relatively new to Austin, so ICAN would be a great way for her to start connecting with like-minded families.

You know, I have mentioned time and time again what a blessing my births have been to me and how they've brought wonderful new people into my life, but another way in which they have impacted me is by making me more outgoing.  I tend to be introverted, and when I was young, it was pretty paralyzing.  My mother put me in acting classes to help with it, but I still had to work really, really hard to engage people that I didn't know (and even some that I did!).  I still have this tendency, but seriously, when it comes time to talk about birth or VBAC or ICAN or anything related to these things, it is like a light goes off in my head and I am a different person.  If you had told me five years ago that I would be going up to random people just because I heard the word "cesarean" and interjecting myself into conversation, exchanging contact information and connecting like this, I would have called you crazy.  But it's happened and, for the most part, it's really nice.


  1. Love this!! Im always spreading the home birth VBAC word!!!

    At Charlee's graduation two moms were in the food line and loved my wrap and asked how old berk was, always shocked when I tell them, because hes a giant, I mention he was 10-2 and their mouths drop. "Oh c-section huh?" "No, I had him natural and at home with a midwife." "Wow! I had to have c-sections because my first was so big." "My first was a c-section too." I could see on the pregnant moms face that a light went off in her head. She already has 3 boys (18,17, 4 and the one due now). I could see the wheels turning. "A midwife huh?" I bet she went home a googled homebirth. She was from Malaysia and I always feel like people from other less affluent countries are more open to homebirth, because it was the norm when they were born. In fact, they themselves are much more likely to be born at home (like my DH).

    But you have business cards huh? Hmmm.... Well, I might just have to work on that. I thought about hosting a seminar for interested moms. What do you think? Posting about it on craigslist or something, and having moms get together (maybe calling the library and using one of their rooms)?

  2. This mom's baby was big too, L. Almost 10#, which is a good size for a FTM and it was a baby girl too. She told me she didn't really know she could have a home birth after cesarean, so I am glad I at least planted the seed. Plus her baby was just born in March, so she has plenty of time to research her options :) I'm so happy I met her and really hoping she joins the group.

    The business cards I have are for ICAN :) Our chapter has them and I keep those, along with a couple ICAN brochures in my bag (and of course my midwives' contact stuff too :).

    Have you been to an ICAN meeting? I think it would be similar to what you describe being interested in doing. Does the Baltimore group hold meetings? I think Karen is pretty involved with them. I think you should definitely go and share your story--and pick up cards and brochures!!!

    I love that you get to answer with home birth vbac when people assume he was a section for macrosomia! While I never, ever want to birth another big baby, I love that women like you can share their big baby stories with others and let them know that big babies can, and are, birthed naturally :) <3

  3. So, I couldn't make it to the May meeting. And they dont meet again until September :( But I really want to go!!!!

  4. Really??? Oh man, I would be heart broken without our monthly meetings. I hope you can make it in September!!