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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well that didn't last long....

Sunday morning, I slept in and forgot to take my temp.  No biggie.  Like I said, it's not like I would be relying on it for birth control purposes or really anything other than liking to chart.  Well, I wake up Monday morning and my BBT is nowhere to be found.  Awesome.  So, now I have 3 days of temps--Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week--and it looks like I may need to invest in a new thermometer.  I really would like to find the old one though, mainly because I have dogs.  And let me say, I have learned the hard way that dogs like to chew/lick/smack on things that have been inserted into their owner's various orifices. Anyone ever had a NuvaRing slip out while a chihuahua was in the room?!?!  I have.  I can only hope my thermometer doesn't meet the same fate.

I think I'm going to wait until the end of this week before ordering a new one.  I'm still hoping the old one shows up--we have such fond memories together.  When I first prepared to take my temp after almost a year without, the last temp that popped up was 99.3.  Awwwww, my vagina was warm from Emre, how sweet!!

And side, but possibly related, note.  Monday afternoon I had a wonderfully steamy dream.  I mean, the kind you wake up from and are disappointed to find out that wasn't real life.  I will spare you the details because 1) It was a rather stereotypical housewife fantasy dream, and 2)  This blog is about me getting pregnant, not you, and I don't want to be responsible for any oops! babies.  But I woke up and I could swear flames were going to come shooting out of my yoni like the fireworks out of Katy Perry's boobs in her "Firework" video.  Seriously, it was that good.  I'm pretty sure it's entirely too early for me to be ovulating, but then again, I have never breastfed and charted before, so who really knows?  At least I know I won't be catching that next egg whenever it comes :(  but really  :)  but kind of  :(


  1. Hahahahaha! I get the same excitement reading your blog as I do from watching a show I DVR'd & have been patiently waiting to watch when I have peace, quiet, perhaps some alcohol, & can really take it all in. Love it!

  2. Christine, You are so sweet! :) Thank you so much!!! I hope I have enough fodder for, oh, 12-14 more months!!! :)