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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sugar Mama

I've decided to give up sugar.

Ok, I am working on reducing my sugar intake.

FINE, you beat it out of me...I am just giving up sodas for a week.  Give me a break, why dontcha?

Ok, so I'm trying to get my body as healthy as possible before baby 3 (s/he who is not in existence yet really needs a clever name, don't you think? What about thrice, T for short? Yeah that works...I think this tangent is too long for a parenthetical, incidentally).  To that end, I am swearing off sodas for at least a week in favor of green smoothies, water, and the occasional glass of juice.  This is going to be sososososo hard because I love soda.  Seriously, do you see the crazed look in my eyes in the picture above? That is what sodas/the sugar in them does to me.  Everytime I see a can of pop, this song starts playing in my head.  If it's diet, this one goes off.  I could easily write a novel called "Aspartame: A Love Story."  Get the picture?

Well, no one said this was going to be comfortable, right?  And every. single. time. I make a decision like this, when I start to waver, I am going to picture myself pushing a nice, healthy, juicy baby right on out onto my living room floor (or maybe into the tub....remember that rectal pressure?!?!).  Because, yeah, did I mention that I grow enormous babies? And while I love, absolutely *love* a good V/HBAC story featuring a ginormous fetus, I personally have no interest in giving birth to another toddler.  I am all about swinging the odds in my favor, and having labored with a 10lb8oz baby with a 15" head, I can, without reservation, say that I am happy to check that one right on off my bucket list.  So I know I am going to have to really watch my sugar intake--amongst other things--if I don't want to grow another enormous baby.  And when you're pregnant ain't no time to be trying to kick addictions, let me tell ya.

So, I'm starting small, just taking this first week for right now and only focusing on soda.  I will, hopefully, address my cupcake addiction some time in the (unforeseeable) future.

I already have a headache.


  1. Melek - you look fantastic! I'm so proud of you! Giving up soda will definitely make a difference. Your green smoothie sounds delicious! I'm dying to try Kale - how was it?

  2. Hey Michelle, thank you! It was OK, pretty good. The only thing is that I needed to put ice in it because it was a little bit warm :-/ I used a recipe that called for one banana, a 1/2 cup soymilk, a teaspoon of maple syrup and 2 cups of chopped kale (and some flax, but I didn't have that, so I left it out).

    As far as kale in general, I love, love, love it. I could eat it raw, it is so good. Plus, you can sneak it in anything. I usually put it in rice and bean casseroles and I really like the little extra flavor it gives. The problem is my hubby won't touch anything with kale in it with a 10 foot pole, so I can't always put it in everything we make. I think it is yummy though!

  3. Birthing a toddler is right :-X Good luck on kicking soda.. I was never a fan of the stuff but my mother is totally addicted!

    I just found your blog.. I've got a multitude of stories... C/S; Repeat C/S; Hospital VBA2C and finally a HBA2C :)

  4. Hi, I am so so happy you found me!!! Do you mean that you, personally, have given birth all those ways?!?! How COOL!

  5. I love your pic! Btw, you would need to watch consumption of any "white" stuff, white rice, sugar, potatoes(sweet potatoes are fine, though) and pasta...They all, along with corn, beans(though not so much) and peas, are starches,and convert to sugar in the intestines, thereby keeping the "addiction" going...I like to see babies under 10 lbs, if it can be helped...:) Though I have seen a couple 12 lbers born at home just fine...

  6. Yummy, funny you mention sweet potatoes. I am baking some right now to give me something sweet! This after consuming a few grapes and strawberries :)

    Thank you so much for the info on "white" foods. I am woefully underinformed on this kind of thing and never even think about this kind of stuff. In fact, I just had to switch yogurts because I noticed the one I was currently eating had like 25g per little container!! WHAT?!??!

    I do eat a lot of beans since I am a vegetarian and they are a major source of protein for me. I like to eat those along with brown rice for a quick, easy meal. I am not the best chef in the world, but it is hard to mess up rice and, my darling husband cooks the beans for me most of the time :) But, tragedy, my favorite rice and bean casserole recipe has corn in it...I love corn!!! But, like I said, I am willing to give up anything to have my best shot at a home birth :)

  7. i heart you and youre awesome photo... that is sooo me, still, 3 month post-psrtum. i mean really. not an ounce of self control!

  8. LOL Lauren, thank you! And you know sweet tooth has been raging out of control too! I think breastfeeding is harder as far as cravings than pregnancy was!