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Friday, March 18, 2011

Shameless Plug

Well, I'm not sure it's shameless since it isn't for me.  And I'm not even sure it's that good of a plug, since I have all of 6 followers, none of whom live in Texas.  Wait, that's not true.  Jason is following and he lives here but 1) I totally forced him to follow me, and 2) he isn't hiring a midwife anytime soon.  Regardless, I'm going to plug my midwives hard here.  I love these women for so many reasons, most of which I'm not articulate enough to properly convey through this blog, so I am just going to tell you some of the first things I remember them saying to me when I talked to them after my second son was born.

Kari: After telling me she was proud of me, I remember her saying "Well, now we know you dilate."

Brielle: "I guess we will be attending your HBA2C."

A girl couldn't do better for herself.

That's right, their names are links.  Click them.  
Also, for brevity's sake, I am going to start referring to them here as K & B.

Ok, who had 6 posts on Friday? Seriously, I'm putting my computer to sleep. I have a post itching to be written, but I'm going to try to refrain until tomorrow or Sunday.... Hopefully... Maybe. Is Saturday morning at 1 AM too soon?!?


  1. I've already told you that travel IS an option...I've got a room upstairs almost ready for ya ;)