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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sexy Saturday

Ok, I swore I was only going to do one post today, but seriously...

I suspect my fertility may be returning soon.  I have been a little suspicious because I have been a touch grouchier than usual the past week or so.  I tend to the ornery anyway, but I made a commitment to try to be more positive and on the bright side this year, which I had been doing really good at until this past week. Pretty soon, all my friends will be hidden from my facebook news feed. Yeah, it's bad.  So, sign #1 right?

Sign #2. This one is a little PG-13/X-rated, so read at your own risk. And don't pretend you don't know how I'm going to get my HBA2C baby in there. Damn, there goes the ornery again! What the heck?! Anyway, the past couple of days I have had an all too familiar, but long time gone, tingling in my nether regions.  Y'all, seriously. I have struggled with my drive since my pregnancy with E**.  I was actually physically sickened at the thought of sex. I have no idea why because I had a normal to above average drive with A. But the thought of anything even coming near where my baby was coming out was enough to bring on morning sickness all over again. So, suffice it to say, this is a long forgotten feeling.

So, back to something I hinted at it my first post today...the oops baby and my guarantee.  Look, we are keeping it real, right? And by we, I mean me. I am super, super paranoid about catching that first post partum egg before I would even know I was fertile.  Like to the point where I can't think about anything else when I think about having sex.  When we have engaged in such marital fun times since E has been born, I have packed my vagina with all sorts of fun things to kill his little baby makers.  And, I will say that I have been trying to find other ways to fulfill my duty in that area that don't involve anything that would risk me getting pregnant (as an aside, and because I think it's kind of funny, I will share that I get a little sad every time I see all my potential babies being washed away....TMI? Nah.).  But now, with this sudden onset of something resembling a sex drive, I'm going to have to figure out what to do.  I will certainly continue packing the vag with the spermkillers, but I am secretly hoping the tingles go away until E is 6 months old. Seriously. I am paranoid.

Also, I really hope my mother in law doesn't read this one. I usually post links to the posts on my facebook, but I think I'll leave this one off.  Can you imagine? "Hey, dear sweet mother in law, I want to make wild sex with your son, but I am paranoid about getting pregnant again."

**I realized I have been referring to my sons as "first son/second son." No idea why, but I'm going to go ahead and fix that. So, I will be calling them by their first initial.  First son is "A," second son is "E."

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  1. I missed this post the other day! I can relate to your fear, I'm feeling the same way!